IASPEI/IAVCEI Joint Commission on Volcano Seismology
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Welcome to the official website of the IASPEI/IAVCEI Joint Commission on Volcano Seismology. This site aims to provide a hub for students and academics in volcano seismology for details on current events in the field such as Conferences and Research positions, as well as online learning resources and links to other sites of interest.


The primary focus of this site is to be interactive, and we hope it will grow and evolve as more members join and add their contributions to the site. If you feel you have knowledge or information you would like to share with other people in the field of volcano seismology please do so by posting in the forum, adding to the wiki, or contacting the webmaster to add your event to the news section.




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European Seismological Commission Workshop 2010

Workshop dates: Sept 18th-25th 2010
Held in Besse & St Anastaise, Clermon-Ferrand, France







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